sup guys

Anonymous whispered, "About your latest post...hong kong isn't a country, it's a city"

Thank you for informing us that but tbh… I don’t really care.

I think Johnny-san likes to pretend that Asia only consists of 5 countries… but I guess there’s a good reason behind it
▀ (1) Anonymous whispered, "Kyoudais on JE."

we did this already from a while back but thanks for submitting ^___^

just scavenging quotes from doramas that have JE talents in them because there’s nothing else to post

help me by submitting any JE-related thing!

this was such a sad drama
I’ve noticed that all I’ve been posting here are birthday greetings OTL I think I should stop and leave this kind of business to the folks at je-birthdays and stick to JE fandom inside jokes or something well anyways Happy Birthday to KAT-TUN’s very talented and very funny rapper, Tanaka Koki! Hope you have a good one~